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At Advanced Care, we have a team of professional support workers. We train all our workers to provide quality support. Our support services enable Service Users to remain living in their own homes.

Also, at Advanced Care, teamwork is key. We work cooperatively with agencies such as

Furthermore, we are proud to work in partnership with Intercare Community Support and Coventry Carers Trust.

Through partnerships, we provide short-term enablement services to citizens needing practical support. Additionally, we encourage them to regain their independence. Also, we help them to relearn day-to-day living skills they may have lost following a hospital day.

At Advanced Care, we deliver an enablement service with specific time-bound outcomes. Our enablement service facilities a speedy discharge from hospital for the Service User.

Furthermore, at Advanced Care, we are passionate about the quality we provide. We demonstrate our passion through the service our support workers provide.

We continue to strive to improve as an agency and have sought, developed and implemented technology enabling us to maintain accurate records and accounts securely and confidentially.

Shown above, is Advanced Care’s Management and Administration team; (L-R) Evelyn Stanley, Megan Hubball, Zoe Taylor, Millie, Louise Kemp, Doreen Bird, Sue Brassington with King Bertie and Wally the tortoise sitting in the foreground.

Click the meet the team button to find out more about our valued team members or the Careers Page to find out how you can become part of one of Coventry’s most friendly, competent and trusted care teams.

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